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Wireless Optogenetics Expands the Scope of Behavioral Testing Paradigms

A critical aspect of optogenetics is its light delivery system. In traditional in-vivo optogenetics, fiber optic cables are used to transport light from laser or LED sources to specific brain regions. While this setup allows some freedom of movement during behavioral experiments, it also comes with limitations. Tethers inevitably restrict natural animal activity and behavior, which can impact the accuracy and scope of research studies. To overcome these challenges and promote more unrestricted exploration, researchers are turning to wireless optogenetics, a promising solution that liberates animals from the constraints of tethered setups.

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In this free application note, we introduce the solution to this problem as well as a range of topics, including:

  • A Brief history of Optogenetics
  • The discovery of Opsins and their potential
  • Traditional tethered Optogenetics systems
  • Introduction to Wireless Optogenetics
  • Multiple Case Studies

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