Wireless Neuroscience

Tethers can impose many barriers to animal research, impeding natural movement, and creating artifacts in experimental results. Amuza’s wireless optogenetics, fiber photometry, and EEG systems overcome these problems, are easy to use, and impose minimal stress on your animals:

  • Lightweight headstages (1 to 3 g)
  • No special cages or mazes required
  • Easy scaleup to multiple animals
  • Customizable to meet your goals

Wireless Neuroscience Products

With Amuza wireless optogenetics, EEG, and fiber photometry systems, animals can easily move through doorways and shelters or explore large complex environments. The lightweight headstages allow your mice and rats to move and interact naturally.

You can also expect better data from your wireless optogenetics, fiber photometry, and EEG system. For example, video tracking software may fail to recognize freezing behavior in a mouse if its tether is still swaying after the mouse stopped moving. In fiber photometry, bending of the fiber optic patch cord can decrease the amount of transmitted light, creating motion artifacts. When you remove the fiber optic patch cord, you remove these artifacts as well.

We can also create custom components so that our equipment will be compatible with the headstages and equipment you already use.


Teleopto Wireless Optogenetics System Introduction
Teleopto Wireless Optogenetics joins wireless rechargeable LED light sources with implantable optic fibers. It provides a complete turnkey optogenetic system for mice, rats, and other small animals.

    • As light as 1 g
    • Tested with mice, rats, and marmosets
    • Easy scaleup to many animals
    • Bilateral and multiwavelength implants

Fiber Photometry

TeleFipho lets you obtain precise real-time measurements of calcium, dopamine, norepinephrine, and other neurotransmitters during behavioral tests

  • World-first commercial wireless fiber photometry system
  • 3-gram rechargeable headstage.
    Uses standard 2.5 mm ferrules/400 μm fibers
  • Less expensive than traditional fiber photometry
Fiber Photometry



The ELG-2 Is a rechargeable data logger for EEG and EMG measurements in mice and rats.

  • Weighs as little as 2 grams – Great for mice!
  • No receivers/bases are required, so it works in any cage, rack, or maze/environment.
  • Low noise: amplifiers are very close to the electrodes, eliminating most electrical noise.
  • Data analysis (alpha, theta, and delta, power analysis, hypnogram plots) software is included with the system.

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