Transform Your Research with Wireless Optogenetics

Experience Complete Freedom of Movement and Precision Control

Wireless Freedom

Allows full movement in complex environments.

Precision Control

Precise remote control for accurate stimulation.

Lightweight Design

Comfortable for mice, rats, and other small animals.

Teleopto Wireless Optogenetics System Introduction

Case Study

Studying Circadian Rhythm Circuitry with Optogenetics

The case study highlights optogenetic stimulation’s role in studying circadian rhythms. TeleOpto’s ease of use and compatibility offer promise, despite challenges like animal handling for battery recharging.


Our lab has used the wireless Teleopto system daily for the last two years and we have been extremely pleased with our experience. We have been impressed by how readily available the staff at Amuza have been to assist with any questions we’ve had and their enthusiasm towards creating custom parts to meet the needs of our unique experiments. Based on our experiences with the Teleopto system, we highly recommend it to labs interested in initiating optogenetics experiments or transitioning from wired optogenetic systems.

Hirofumi Morishita

Associate Professor, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

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Telefipho Fiber Photometry Diagram

Product Features

  • Wireless system allows for natural behavior studies.
  • Eliminates motion artifacts for clearer results.
  • Easy to scale up for multiple animals.
    Key Features:
  • Available in 1g, 2g, and 3g for different needs.
  •  Infrared communication for precise control.
  • Various colors and configurations to suit your experiments.

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